Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Rush 11

I Hope everyone enjoys their friday. Heres some pics for the photo rush volume 11. And back by popular demand, its more stuff on fire in an alley. As always: Enjoy the pictures.
Paper on fire in an alley somewhere.

Some hostile drunk kid at the park one night was walking around, whacking people with his stick for no reason. Gotta love this town!

Once you see it....

Gigantic puddle in a parking lot.

Road Trip!
 More to come over the weekend. Stay tuned. same bat time, same bat channel.


  1. nice pics man these are really cool

  2. lol the dude hiding... I was like whoa!

  3. great photos, i burn papers I get in the mail for credit cards and stuff quite often...I don't even trust the shredders haha, so I've got many pictures like the top one.

  4. I like the reflections on the water.

  5. I was abou to ask you what was yo be seen in the 3rd picture, but suddenly I saw half head...

  6. lol the third pic fooled me...ha ha