Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Rush 12 and have a great weekend!

Well the weekend is finally here! and luckily the weather is very nice today. So lets continue the enjoyment with another installment of the photo rush, shall we?
I was trying my hand at black and white surveillance pics. Lol at the fat guy at the pump. 

Bird eggs. dont worry i didnt touch them!

"whatchu lookin at??"
Funny pic while my dog was chewing.

Looks like a seed break, i guess.

This was our party mascot for the night; His name was Hector.

I saw on TV that cat's are unique in the way they drink liquid. Unlike any other animal, instead of lapping up the milk, their tongue smacks the surface and it creates a column of liquid, which they then suck up into their mouth.
 Hey ill be back with more stuff soon!


  1. It looks like Hector is up to something...

  2. hehe, great pics as always Pendelton. Kitty loves his/her milk. :)

  3. that cat picture is great.. way to catch that in action

  4. lovely dog you have, I lol'd at his second pic

  5. I like black and white pictures. You should post more of those. :)