Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo Rush 13

Well there is not much more to say except: ENJOY!
A friend's dog.

Ugly people on a train.

A "tobacco"water pipe i purchased downtown at a head shop. (the little tobacco pipe was a buddies of mine)

My old poodle, Frisco, with spaghetti sauce on his face!

Mary Jane plant i attempted to grow.

Beanie Babies. Remember these damn things?!
 Well its been a pretty boring monday. I'll see you all tomorrow.


  1. Holy shit, I used to hate beanie babies.. my mom was all about them back in the day and I hated going to look at them and all this nonsense!

  2. Where did you get all these teddies? I mean, there's like two dozens of them!

  3. Hmmmmm... that's not like any tobacco pipe I've ever seen.

  4. ahahhah puppy looks so cute. :)