Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photo Rush 17 + Update and Thing.

Hello internet people. i finally have a bunch of free time to make a new photo rush and give an update. this week ive been busy with pre-production on a new youtube video and, due to good luck and a few kind words, ive finally managed to get an invite to a high quality torrent site. so long demonoid! haha! so ive been uploading and downloading until my ears fell off. now ill be checking around the blogs that i follow, so ill get to ya sooner rather than later. thanks and heres the pics:
i wish i had cool blue eyes. (photoshop)

time lapse test. yep it worked

Hahaha Dave! What a funny name.

Unwarped version of a pic i posted.

i dont remember where i took this, but i like how the bridge interacts with the city street.

a metaphor of life: a beautiful long and winding road.
 thanks for looking!! and now for a thing:
and that 'thing' is the flukeman from the X files. One of the 'best worst' episodes. Second or Third season, i believe.


  1. Nice fotos bro Followed!

  2. Last picture is freaky! thanks for sharing!

  3. the time lapse one was awesome - supporting bro

  4. That last picture sure is creepy. Hope I don't get nightmares tonite... :(

  5. Great photos, not sure about the last one though haha.

  6. I though the last pic was real for a moment, I'm glad it isn't